Xbox one next update

Hello every one and happy new year,

Does any one know where i can see what the next update for the X1 will include or is it still a secret?   I can not wait to see what they will add as there is a few things i can think off that should be added asap.


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I haven't seen anything on MS's site regarding X1's update.  The only news that I saw was that it was coming in early Jan. and that was on MajorNelson's blog site, but don't quote me as I'm not 100% sure that's where I saw it.  Also it didn't go into deep detail, but I did hear that it's supposed to tweak some things that's not so hot right now, like party chat and having to turn chat on all the time.  If I can find links, I'll post 'em.  

Thanks buddy.


Good topic I am curious also.

I heard the update is coming this month soon. And it will be something great for the Xbox one.

Suppose to be coming soon and increase its power by 10%, guess we will see when it is released, i hope they tweak the operating system, so i don't get kicked back to the dashboard while trying to load/play games.