Xbox One navigation improvements

First, I absolutely love my Xbox One. It is a wonderful next step from the 360. I have ran into a few issues that would greatly improve the usability of it.

1) The "Stop listening" command is great; however, you also shortened the time it waits for a command. This means that often when using services such as Hulu Plus and Netflix, the load time causes the system to stop listening before the next screen comes up. This should be a user configurable option for how long the system listens for the next command. I would prefer a longer listening time and to use the stop listening command when I am done navigating.

2) Can we please get a "stop watching" command? Many times I navigate an app with gestures (such as Hulu Plus because their voice commands are set up poorly) and when I am done the system continues to try to track my movement. This often results in my show being abruptly interrupted when the system thinks I gestured for a menu option.

3) Can we please get a way to do "Xbox Go To (bookmark name)". I have services such as Pandora bookmarked and the only way to launch them is to navigate home, go to pins and then launch the bookmark. I would love to just say "Xbox, go to pandora".
4) Please add more receivers to the control list. Neither the receiver at my home or at my fiance's home are supported by the IR blaster so we have resorted to just leaving the receiver on all the time. Our TV and cable boxes we both supported however.
I have other issues to list but they do not fit under the heading I gave this thread and will post them in a more appropriate location.
Thank you.

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