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I emailed Microsoft about this and was told to ask here, so here goes :)

We received an Xbox One from Microsoft just after its launch.

We are using the Xbox one in a school for Skype sessions, in a School In The Cloud Room, if you know anything about The School In The Cloud, you'll know that these rooms can get a little noisy.

The problem we are having is the Skype "Granny" just cannot hear the children properly. If the child comes and stands RIGHT in front of the Kinect (which is up at the top of the wall) she can hear a lot better, but because of the way the room is designed they have to stand right in front of the prjected image and under the kinect (out of view) so then she has difficulty seeing the child who is speaking.

What I want is for a Mic to hang from the ceiling at the BACK of the room, the child comes up and speaks into the Mic and the "Granny" can still see the child.

What I want to know is:

1. Can I plug in an external Mic? USB?

2. Can I increase the sensitivity of the Mic on Kinect manually, without having to go through the "Sound test", that never sets the Mic high enough.

3. Anybody else have any other ideas of how we could get around this problem.

Hope someone can shoot some ideas,




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Hi James.

The area you have posted in is a general area for anyone with internet access to talk about XBox whether they own a One or not.

People will hopefully try to assist you here but none of us work for Microsoft and will just be giving their "best advice".

You may get even better advice from these specific support forums:

Apps On XBox ONE:


Kinect On XBox ONE:

The issue is clearly getting your Skype and Kinect to be working so that you may use it in the classroom.  There may be some extra steps you could take with the calibration or it may be possible to use some sort of USB microphone but I'm not sure myself.

This particular section of the Forums is for "General Game Discussion" whereas the links above are specifically for Support questions.

Let us know how you get on.


Can you not just move the kinect each time someone is talking?

Thanks for the replies, I will probably post this in the Kinect section :)

The Kinect is up at the ceiling, it would require ladders each time we needed to move the Kinect.

Also, because these are children the Kinect will most definitely end up damaged, The School In The Cloud, leaves the room without a teacher to watch over them.