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FALSE ADVERTISING of XBOX ONE as a Media Center if one is unable to stream Music from their existing Music Libraries on Window PC. When will this be addressed?  


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I agree.  I have a PC that records TV shows via my root antenna and I'd like to be able to use the Xbox one as a media center extender like I have been with the 360.  I am frustrated with Microsoft that they abandon great ideas (e.g. dropping Zune software for the less functional Xbox music).

Wait a second, I was able to stream music from my Windows 8 computer. Using Metro music app, my issue is not with xBox however, but the fact that music app doesn't support many popular music file formats. Other than that, what it can play, I can stream to xBox one end even control a playback from Smart Glass. it's not perfect, by any means, but it can be done.

the box video program says on its description that you can not only buy shows, but stream your own content. however enterign the program, theres no where for you to setup a stream from your pc.

It had to be started from a PC, I went to music Metro app, started playing some album, then did a swipe from the right edge, selected devices and xbox one was in there, so I was able to start the stream. I haven't tried any videos yet.

The xbox 360 was a great system for streaming from my PC.  Why would you abandon something that worked so well.  At least my Play station still streams from my PC

If you're looking to stream recordings and such through Windows Media Center then I wouldn't hold your breath. The writing is on the wall and MS seems to be doing all they can to try and kill off the software. So far it looks like the 360 is by far the superior media device and always will be if MS doesn't get their act together and create something to replace Media Center.

They have a media app now but it is a pain to navigate through.  I was streaming from my pc before but can't now while using my PC instead of the xbox one.  the media app misses a lot of files and displays them in order...  having to navigate like your in DOS is not user-friendly...  Don't know why microsoft is going against what made them big.... Simplicity...

Just talked with someone in support and they told me its been done away with.

I told them I'm pretty sure that's not going to go over well and the rep agreed.

I'm not very happy as I used the media player quite a lot when doing stuff around the house. I'm not going to pay jack!

1st off... calling support was a bad idea, they read from scripts. If you want some down and dirty info on xbox.. you need to talk to an ambassador. they live the life.

With just a few moments of googling i found out mutiple ways to get your pc content onto the xbox one.


Stream media to your console from a computer

The following steps describe how to stream media from a computer to your console using Xbox Music or Xbox Video. The screenshots show you the steps for Xbox Music, but the steps are the same for Xbox Video.

--Start Xbox Music or Xbox Video on your computer.

---Select a piece of content (a song or a video, for example) that’s stored on your computer.

--Swipe from the right of the screen and select the Devices charm.

--Select Play.

--Select your console from the list of devices.

If your console is turned on, the media should start playing.


Add your Xbox One or Xbox 360 to the list of devices on your computer

Don’t see your console in your computer’s list of devices? Here’s how to add it.

--Swipe from the right side of your screen and select Settings.

--Click Change PC Settings.

--Choose PC & Devices from the navigation pane on the left.

--Choose Devices.

--Click the + (plus) symbol to add a device on the right.

--Choose your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console.

Note Your Xbox console must be turned on and connected to the Internet for it to be discoverable by your computer.

If your console doesn’t appear as an available device, see PlayTo overview for information about enabling PlayTo on your Xbox 360, or Change the Xbox One console preferences for information about enabling it on your Xbox One.

^ What this guy said, I've never had any issues streaming anything from my PC, or from the mac either for that matter. All it takes is a quick google search to pretty much solve any problem you have.

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