Xbox one may be backwords compatiable through the cloud


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In 6 months...I highly doubt you will be playing any games on the 360. They will feel chap and dirty by then

whats backwords ?

or compatiable, but yeah it don't really care for backwards compatibility, I'm not buying an Xbox One to play 360 games.

Cheap and dirty. I like the sound of that.

^^  You don't like Battlefield games, do you?


In the future if I want to play Xbox 360 games... I will play them on my Xbox 360.  Zany idea, I know.

@eggnogga, you mean they make other games for the XBOX :)

Totally agree Egg. I only ever played Halo 2 on the 360 coz at launch there were not many good online games. Don't think we are gonna have that problem this time round.

Keeping my 360s as well. Splinter Cell, NCAAF, ect. Probably pick up Max & the Curse of Brotherhood too.