XBOX One Live TV skipping solution?

So I have Comcast-Xfinity and the watch TV app always skips and freezes and is unwatchable.  I have turned off cable box, xbox, tv everything and still it continues to skip.  I turned off the "standby" instant on mode and now its working pretty well not skipping at all... is this just a bug with the instant on option?

I hope its fixed because waiting for it to turn on is kinda annoying and that feature to have it auto boot up faster like a laptop was very attractive to buyers especially me.

NOTE: My dvr also skipped a TON.  I am wondering if this is because the DVR show I tried watching was in SD and not HD so the comcast box had to resize down to SD from HD (previous channels I was watching were HD).


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I have the Xfinity X1 platform box hooked to my Xbox one put thru my Onkyo AV Receiver and have no skipping.  I did have a couple of cut outs in the beginning but it seems to have settled after the first few cycles and has been good for the last couple days.

My comcast dvr box takes a while to boot and be recognized by X1 when issuing the xbox on command. I timed it at about 40 seconds.

I have the same issue, but with a Cox DVR. So at I can at least acknowledge it's not just you can Comcast.

try lowering your output from your cable box to 720...  also..  the connection in the rear of the XB1 is crappy, make sure the HDMI is all the way in and you are using a good quality cable...