Xbox One launch exclusives!

So I am getting cod ghosts (already have it) for the Xbox One, and was wondering if Dead Rising is worth getting in your opinion, as I have not played the other 2. What about Ryse? Good game to get you think? And I'm not into racing games so Forza I really won't ever get.


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I went BF4 and DR3. I think DR3 will be tons of fun and in my opinion better than the first 2. I also like that there is no countdown timer unless you choose that mode. And the reviews have been pretty decent too.

As for Ryse, I want to play it bad but I decided against for now. I do hope it slips up to me somehow for Christmas. I think the game looks beautiful and very entertaining. I just don't see the replay or multiplayer value being that high. Would love to see myself proved wrong.

I myself am getting Ryse. Looks great and looks like it will be a great title.

DR3 definitely! I haven't played the other 2 but from all the gameplay videos I've seen so far I'm definitely pumped. All the weapon, vehicle combo's, tons & tons of zombies, co-op, SmartGlass features, Kinect if your in to that, etc. The visuals may not be the best but I think it's one of the true next gen games.

As for Ryse, I'm not too sure. I'm waiting for some reviews and feedback before I pull the trigger on that game. It's gorgeous tho!

The other game I will be getting is Killer Instinct, if your into fighting games then this is a must :)