XBox One Kinect Unplugged issue & why we aren't getting anything (Free Game etc) for our issue?

I picked up my XBox One on Day one and i suffered the Kinect issue which is not really being covered on major gaming sites customer support was very helpful and is sending me the stuff to send it back for a new one which will probably take several weeks if not up to a month with the holiday here.  I want to know why are we not being offered anything for the problems we are going thru?  Sure i can still play any of the games that are not supported fully by the Kinect but with 8 kids they sure would have liked to use if they could.  It's great that they are giving free games for the disc drive problem but i think they should have at least offered us users something be it some points or a arcade game as a sorry.  Anyone else feel this way?


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word on the street today is that microsoft is giving away games to people with xbox issues no matter what they are.

That would be nice even if it's something.  Spending this much money on a system and games controller etc and not being able to use it the correct way is kind of annoying.

I sent in my Kinect January 29th (31 days this January) and am on week 4 with no Kinect. They told me on the chat that it was marked as "repaired" Feb 7th. 17 days later and I have no Kinect. They have "escalated" it a few times and they finally told me I should hear something back by the 27th...a month after I reported it as broken. They have offered no explanation, no one can tell me anything, they have offered no compensation, and I honestly feel a little bit like they've stolen my Kinect. I don't think anyone knows what happened to it and I might have to fight to get anything back. Advanced replacement they charge you $157 until they get your kinect. If you do standard what guarantee do you have? I'm *** off!

My Kinect died today. I called support and was in no way interested in them trying to fix my Kinect. I got an Advanced replacement coming.


There is no charge against you until 14 days AFTER you receive your new Kinect. It is a hold on your CC. Fair enough, as it takes two to tango...

OP you have 8 kids and still have time to play a game?  Oh I now notice your gamerscore of 162,000+  my GOD.  They all use the same X1 and profile?  wow

LOL.....  I never read the OP's post.  8 kids VS the Kinect........    I don't blame the Kinect for failing... maybe an internal self destruct mode.....