Xbox One, Kinect, and Oculus Rift

If Microsoft partnered with or bought the Oculus company, that would be the one of the best things they would have done for their console and actually get more people to come back after scaring them off with their terrible PR. Imagine an Oculus Rift that is made specifically to work with the Xbox One's Kinect 2.0. So not only would you be able be inside the game with the Oculus Rift, you would be able to use your actual hands to to control the hands in your game further improving its immersiveness. The kinect could pick up where the Oculus Rift is in space and even help it out with controlling how sensitive looking around by turning your head. I don't know I just think that would be awesome because you never see those things working together, its always either VR or motion controls. This might actually make the kinect something people wont regret owning.


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Unless ms had something in mind already, but these devices have a terrible side effect. Being sick. So will be a while before it's mainstream.

i dont think occulus rift has much economic upside. it just isnt a device that is going to sell 10s of millions of units.


plus we have already seen the ms version of VR, illumiroom which they have stated isnte economically feasible at this time.


and as fooxman states there is a serious motion sickenss issue with VR. VR has actually been done very well in the past, the technology to do it is old its mostly the screens that have improved dramatically. but there still is no solution to those who get motion sickness.