Xbox One Japan release date locked down for September

No sign of Microsoft's mystery big name Japanese-made exclusive

The Xbox One will finally go on sale in Japan on 4th September, around 10 months after its launch in the UK, North America and Australia. Microsoft has also unveiled a partial list of confirmed games in the latest issue of Famitsu, via Gematsu - it includes Halo for Xbox One and Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive, though it's not clear whether these will be available at launch.

With recent reports of even the more popular consoles slowing down in Japan I'll be amazed if they sell 1000 Xbox One's by Christmas lol


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Pretty clever of Microsoft really.

Not wasting time trying to break the Japanese market but instead giving the Japanese market a much needed break.

I would have thought if anywhere in the world would have taken to kinect it would have been Japan.

I'm pretty unsure about how well it will do there. These are high tech people that love their gadgets. I cant see them taking to a big all in one system. I am not bashing the X1 because I love it, but I cant see it fitting into Japan very well. Hopefully I am wrong.

I'd be very surprised if Xbox One does anything above poor in Japan. I've been reading lately that even sales of the DS, PS4 have really slowed down, they seem to be more interested in gaming on mobiles, tablets.

Exactly. All those mini tech things they have over there. I just cant see it working with X1 but I bet MS have thought this over and have a fair pitch of some sort :/

It gives them something they don't have.

On top of that it encourages Japanese developers to create XBox ONE games.

Bring on Galgun II!

True, I do hope it does well though. If only for the games we will benefit from.