Xbox One is the Palm Pre of consoles

This is how enthused I am about my xbox one.  I feel like I am re-living my Palm Pre experience all over again. 


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Do explain how the Xbox ONE feels like palm pre? lol

Feel free to expand upon your Palm pre experience? It's a brand new console, it will evolve in to something brilliant.

I have no clue what a Palm Pre is. I will be willing the xbox one ends up selling more and will be an all around better device

I never paid attention enough to Palms (I was the odd one that preferred the Windows PDAs)... is that a good or bad thing?

Nothing with the Pre other than iOS and Android almost completely shuting Palm out of the market. without more information i just have to assume you don't understand, or know, how technology works.

I have no idea what a Palm Pre is so I don't know if this is good or bad. I would assume bad since I've never heard of Palm Pre.

no just no whos going to take over soely the ps4 ? ummm nintendo wiiu didnt do to well (i like mine ) but no

And Larry Hyrb is the new Jon Rubistein. Lol

Wow, I haven't heard of the Palm Pre or PDAs in an age. It's all smartphones & tablets nowadays...