Xbox one is terrible!

I don't know where to post this but anyways I just bought an xbox one yesterday got home opened it up and found batteries that go in the controller?! Ok now my batteries are running out and now I have to BUY more or BUY an adapter for 25$? And BUY a new headset that has two earpieces! I have the ps4  I don't need any of that or have to even BUY anything I use my ipad headphones for the ps4 the xbox is huge it towers over my ps4 . Xbox has this huge power block on it too! And I think that you guys put too much in to tv and not games! 

All this voice stuff is stupid I do that with the ps4 big deal the only thing xbox did better is the tv thing but who cares I can watch tv hitting one button on the ps4 so not a really big thing but wow I'm so mad! I can't believe I have to go buy a new headset ok runs about what? 60$-80$? Ok now batteries I have to buy to ok another 10$ there and no way to charge my wireless controller too I have to buy an adapter for that to?! Omg!

i thought next gen should be next gen! No batteries in next gen no buying other stuff that needs to go to it that you guys forgot to put in the box! Or just wanted to make more money since your system sucks! I feel like xbox is for kids! The avatars are so friggin stupid it looks kiddish preschool look to it too. I haven't even gotten to the tech part wow ! we all spent money on this so called next gen system! Stuck back in the stone ages  buying all this *** that was supposed to come with it rip off!

batteries!? Really xbox you couldn't do better than that! Ps4 is far superior to the xbox in what I just mentioned not to begin with other stuff. 

So if you guys think that the xbox is better than the ps4 your insane! Stupid and a moron for buying all this tech stuff that the ps4 has no problem with at all! Xbox one sucks!


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For starters, this is an opinion and not a fact.

Anyways, both the PS4 and Xbox One have their ups and downs and a few updates should fix the Xbox's major problems. Honestly, I like the Kinect but i'd have to agree with you that it should not be bundled with the console. Now, the PS4 being far superior is false. The Xbox One has nearly as much power but it is easier for the developers to reach 1080p 60 FPS on the PS4 rather than Xbox One.

The design for the console I am not a fan of but I wouldn't say it is a console for "kids" by the look. Anyways, if you want to trade it for a PS4 then go ahead. I will just recommend to wait a few more months and if you want to trade it, then go ahead!

I far prefer the batteries in the 360/One to the built in ones of the PS3/PS4.

Simply because when they die I can replace them myself or simply buy a couple of pairs of rechargeable ones. That way you've always got a charged set ready to go.

You guys are missing the point! Your spending money on batteries! Hello  not on the ps4! Day 1 I was using headsets that have two earpieces not one and there's a huge adapter thing on the headset! Meaning I can't put what I want into it like my ps4! I already have the ps4 and just by the start of this I can say I didn't have to spend money on anything else but games for my ps4! On the other hand you guys do batteries charging docks not w the ps4!

Next gen shouldn't even have batteries to begin with guys! No charger for my controller?! Xbox isn't next gen anything all it has over the ps4 is the tv thing and I didn't buy a gaming system to watch tv for 500$ plus more money to get things that the ps4 already has!

I spent 400$ on the ps4 and not a dime more! On games yes but that's it! And yeah the ps4 just looks more adult than kiddish

Can I have your Xbox One?

Yeah right! Returned the money pit today thx I bought a bunch of next gen games for a next gen console called the playstation 4! Yes that's right I bought games! Not batteries or a charging dock or a cord so I can charge the controller with! Wow xbox is certainly not in this for gaming maybe tv that you get for free! Or whatever but I didn't spend 500$ on a piece of *** system that needs batteries thought this was next gen not last gen!

You guys love spending money on batteries all the friggin time worrying about if you have enough, imagine if your in a huuuge blizzard can't leave home because it's dangerous and nothing is open... Yeah your ***! Not me I'll be playing my playstation 4 while you guys look for batteries to a next gen console that plays tv! Lmfao too stupid to know the difference!

Buying batteries is sooooo 1980's , most folk have invested in rechargeables these days .

And none of you xbox owners even have anything good to say at all about the xbox one!  Rechargeable batteries! What get the *** outta here will ya with that please ! Hey at least the xbox one came with batteries! I didn't have to go buy them!

You guys don't even care about this crap? Why would you guys your a bunch of xbox drones who pay for *** that the ps4 gives away! Next gen huh. Next gen to someone stuck in the eighties! You guys know I'm right too!

You guys just take it huh wow that's awesome I have a Super Nintendo for sale if you guys want that for your next gen! Nothing Sony has batteries not even the vita

And you were quite happy to buy one , then realised it was a bit too technical for you to work out how to use it , so took it back and got half your money back cos it was then pre-owned .

Tommy, buddy, the next time your mother stops by I'll give her an extra 5 bucks so she can pick up some batteries for you on the way home, ok?

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