Xbox One is starting to seem like a let-down

Before You Read, Please Note that i am merely expressing my thoughts on where xbox stands today, so if you don't have anything constructive or helpful please don't Give me Hate. And If You feel that you absolutely must Prove Me Wrong, then please be polite about it an have an educated argument. Thank You

It might be a bit of an accusation to say Xbox isn't really as good as it should be  but I'm not going to be polite about it. I Have been an xbox fan for a while now, ever since i got my xbox original in 2004, then xbox 360 and now the  xbox one. I've been proud to own an Xbox up until now, where its doubtful whether microsoft was the right choice in terms of gaming. Exclusives are the game-changers in choosing which console brand to buy. So, naturally, i bought an xbox one, as i've known xbox for its exclusives (the best out there). But now, I'm back to my 360, as theres not a lot of variety on the xbox one yet, and frankly, the PS4 has stepped up to the plate and has been giving some pretty sweet benefits out. Here's a few examples.

PS4 exclusives and benefits:

-"War Thunder", a personal favourite on the PC, won't work with xbox because cross-platform multiplayer will not be allowed on the xbox one.

(For those of you who don't know, WT is WW2 based combat with air, land and sea based vehicle focused combat)

-Exclusive beta testing for "Destiny", Destiny is bungie's new title that's looks awesome, so why the heck didn't we get a chance to test it out??

-Starbound, a PC game similar to Terraria in graphics and gameplay style, only WAY MORE ambitious and entertaining. Sadly, Sony has made sure its going to a PS4 exclusive.

Sure, Xbox has a couple but not all look promising:

-Ryse, a fun but very short game, i paid $60 for a game i beat in 3days.

-Forza 5, again, fun, awesome graphics,  but very very very repetitive and if your not racing your friends, then the entertainment ceases to exist.

-Quantum Break, seems kinda confusing, its a TV Video Game Mix? what? want to play a game that makes sense...

these are just a FEW examples and there are more to come.

BTW minecraft isn't exclusive to xbox 360 anymore, so that's one less thing we can brag about being microsoft customers

Just Because microsoft is working on New Groundbreaking Technology and Apps and what not, doesn't really apply to everyone.

Its called a Gaming Console, Not a phone, you don't play apps (unless its actually a phone xD) you play games.

Honestly, paying for live is starting to seem like taxes, the money doesn't get put to good use. Im paying for YOUR Service, and there are competitors, so make it worth my while.

i don't mean to be rude or offend anyone but $500 +$60/year for live is a lot of money to flush down the toilet, and believe it or not Steam is making their own Console, The Steam Machine.

So why did i buy an Xbox One? Why not a PS4? I could save my money and Get a Steam Machine, where the online service is FREE.



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Destiny beta is open to everyone, not just PlayStation owners. PS owners simply get the beta a few days/weeks earlier. Paying for Xbox Live means you get the security NEEDED in an online community and are enhanced by CLOUD servers in Multiplayer games.

[quote user="fly1Ng f1Sh 1"]

Steam is making their own Console, The Steam Machine.


I wouldn't call the Steambox a console. It's just a PC with a different operating system. Nothing fancy about the architecture or anything.

sore eyes

Maybe we have different taste but the X1 has some exciting exclusives coming this year. It's still very early on but the good news is things will get even better over time (for both consoles). Xbox Live as always been great for me so far. I enjoy DR3, KI and K2 is a very nice bonus. I think you made the right decision on picking up the X1.

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OP:    I am a multi console owner and always have been. I am also interested in getting a steam box. Why do you put all your eggs in one basket? All these consoles will change and I will be there.

But if you want to stick to one console then go with the one that offers you what you want. If you stayed with MS for all these years , you must have liked them. You are crazy if you think MS will just sit back and do nothing with Xbox One.

Steam Box = a box that sits under your tv i think the majority would define that as a console and a potential threat to next gen.

I say this time and again if you pay $60 for an xbox live membership you are doing it wrong.

steam seems like a waste to me , 80% of the games they have I never heard of. seems like they're mostly indie games to me. I having against them but I don't see madden, halo, 2k sport games, or even the sims games on steam.

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