Xbox one Instant-On mode safe to turn off?

I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not it is safe to turn off the xbox one console at the wall, whilst it is in instant on mode. As the it can be installing updates in this mode I think it is probably not safe, but I am not really sure.

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Wouldn't recommend it but mines been turned off at the wall a few times (when bf wouldn't load) and i also had my electric cut out a couple of times but the box seems fine so i dunno for definite but at the moment it doesn't seem to be a problem with it though i wouldn't go switching it on and off at the wall a-lot if i was i'd keep it in full power down mode.

Yeah the instant on mode is pretty useful, but at night I usually turn it off at the wall so was wondering whether it was safe to do so.

There isnt anything anywhere that suggests with the instant on power mode it is unadvisable to switch off the plug socket,ive been turning mine off completely with both power options every night since launch and have no problems,but again up to you,personally I think in general having it set to energy saver is better in the longrun,on instant you build up a backlog of everything you do bit by bit and it slows evetything down,a friend and I were testing this out this morning,and on both xb1s,back on energy saver and after a correct hard reboot...


Which is hold the xb1 power button for 5 seconds,tv goes black,remove finger,DO NOT UNPLUG IT AS SO MANY HAVE BEEN MISINFORMING PEOPLE,and let it restart,you will see a green screen,then black with the xb1 symbol,then dash..


Both out xb1s are running like they were on launch.and navigation round the ui is loads faster,I can live without 'xbox on'  for now.


I dont know how many people activly use windows 8 for their phones,laptops,home pcs,but if you do you will know already 'instant on' isnt a good thing for your RAM in general and the xb1 lay out of apps and storage it uses off the RAM really is no different than a windows 8 phone to be blunt.


But its the same old chestnut,we wouldnt be even having this conversation if MS were allowed to do the 1st original plan for the xb1.

Okay looks like I'll be turning on energy saving mode haha