Xbox one, Installing games disc problems.

I'm not the only one having this issue! I've tried installing Dead Rising 3 onto my XB1 from the disc, but it won't move from 0% while connected online. I tried the offline trick (which I shouldn't have to do) and it installed.... signed into my profile and started playing Dead Rising 3. Like a big kid, I couldn't wait to start playing, but oh wait 'download patch needed'.... the game stops and goes back to the dashboard '80% installation complete'..... 20 minutes later '80%'.... Really? 

Is there anyway around this? Alls I want to do is play a game. 


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There's no help there and the ambassadors don't even know what to do...... I guess my XB1 will just be a box, until Microsoft fix it.

hey at least your disc drive actually works, mines going back for that.

worst day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Bill.

Bill who, he no longer works for the company.

[quote user="Jasperrdm"]

Bill who, he no longer works for the company.

[/quote]He's chairman of the board, and will help decide on who will be the next CEO after Ballmer.  So I guess he "indirectly" works for MS.  :)

And it's his fault someones xbox doesn't work?????   How is that possible.....  Best to blame the factory.   Or be patient and wait for the download to complete........  The links provided may prove useful or a call to support....  GOOD LUCK!!!

Just give it some time , brother. It takes a little while (about 10-15 min) to finally budge from 0%, but once it hits 5% its playable...