Xbox One in a closet. Dropping connection with remote.

My media center is in a closet and I have my Xbox one in there. The wireless controller is having trouble communicating with my console because it is behind a wall. I know you can pair your controller using the kinect but will having the kinect in line of sight of my controller completely fix that issue? I'm worried that even though the kinect is in the open that my controller will still attemp to go straight to the console. Long story short. Does the Kinect work as an IR blaster.i don't want to purchase the kinect until I can verify this.



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Yes the Kinect is an IR blaster.

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long term use you may suffer over heating and/or cause damage to the console if the air circulation is not very good

the Kinect does have a ir blaster, but that is not going to fix the connectivity issue, the controllers have ir to pair with console, and for motion controls, like in Dead Rising 3 where you can shake the controller to knock zombies off of you instead of smashing the A button.

the Kinect will not help your controller remain connected to the console.

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