Xbox One Headset Problems

Hey, I have a wireless Xbox One controller and headset adapter, however I use Triton's wired headphones, which I don't know what could be the problem or not, but whenever I play with my friends, they say they can hear my game sounds and what goes on in my game. I I had the same problem when I used Triton's headset adapter so I switched to Xbox's adapter, and the problem persisted. Any idea on what the problem is? It's annoying because if I speak too loud I can sometimes hear my own voice. As if they are getting my game and voice channels at the same time, when they should only be getting my voice channel. Any fix? Is there is a setting on the One for this? Or is it a hardware problem? My friend has the same adapter but uses the Xbox wired headset, but I don't hear his game at all, it's just he's too quiet.


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