Xbox One Headset Not Working

I have updated my controllers (both with and without the headset plugged into them), tested with Skype echo, done a hard shutdown (holding the power button for 10-15 seconds), cleared MAC address, etc.  For the past few days, my headset can receive audio, but it won't pick up my voice and transmit.  This is the headset that came with the Xbox One, not a store bought one and no adapters are used.

I thought it was my equipment that was the problem, but all of my friends have the same issue.  When we try to party up, nobody can speak.  If we go to Skype and do the echo test, then we can all hear what the audio recording on the call is saying, but none of us can hear our voice play back.

I first noticed the issue about 48 hours ago.  I know that Xbox Live is have an issue with "Purchase and Content Usage Limited", but I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with headset equipment?  It seems like it would be some kind of software update or something that was installed when we all got Madden 16 (that is when we first noticed the issue).

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