XBOX ONE Headset Adapter (Problem)

I have plugged it in all correctly with my Turtle beach PX21 but when i play games i can only hear the actual audio. And to turn volume up I have to use the Chat volume on the turtlebeach Box :S. 

For example, Turtle beach can be used for hearing things in certain directions. This is not working for me. im just hearing stranded audio 


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Have you checked your audio settings on the console?

You have to turn the game audio down to zero on the adapter, basically press the chat button on the adapter unroll you hear a double beep.

The reason for this is that the Xbox One is sending the game audio and chat audio through the adapter.  Your also getting the surround sound through the Turtle Beach transmitter.  So if you don't turn the game audio down through the chat adapter you'll get stereo and surround sound in your headset.

im still stuck. anyone else know. i don't know what you mean shaggy

Have you updated your controllers firmware?

yes of course

I was having an issue for weeks using my TB X42s with the stereo headset chat adapter because I couldn't hear anybody else talk through them (although the game sound came through just fine). I fixed it by replacing my headset's chat cable.