Xbox One HDMI Input/passthrough stopped working?

Has anyone heard of any issues with HDMI passthrough ceasing working after operating fine?

My TV has been working great for 2 days and now HDMI passthrough fails...  No signal detected at all.   I can take cable from XB1 HDMI In and plug back into my A/V Receiver and it works fine.   I have hard-booted XB1, no help.   Any ideas out there?


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Uhng.   Now she works again.  Steps:

Hard Boot XB1:   No help

Hard Boot XB360 (yes, I'm using as my 'cable box' as Windows Media Extender):  No Help

Restart XB1, Switch out of TV app to Store, then voice command Go To TV:  Works.

Apparently shutting down while in TV app and then restarting gets it 'stuck'?   Will play around more to confirm.  Thanks Internet, for listening to me whine.

Thanks for your post and steps to correct. Unfortunately, this did not resolve my issue. Each time I try to load TV through XB1 it hangs at the TV load screen and the error code 0x8027025xa pops up. I have searched this code out and have not been successful locating it just yet.

Ok, just found another post on this same issue. They suggested a "hard" reboot ( pulling the power out) as you had done and this worked for me.

X1 has issues with TV out of standby mode. I ended up switching back to power saving mode (dont have voice commands in Ireland so Xbox On wasn't gonna be affected for me) haven't had TV issues since. Hopefully they fix it with the first software update whenever that happens

Happening to me ATM,,so your saying at the end of the night when your done watching TV you have to first go to the home page and exit the TV app ,then shut down..