Xbox one HDMI connection not working

So i recently moved into college and i brought my monitor and my xbox one. I had used a TV at home to play and it worked fine, but when i tried to use the monitor it would not detect the xbox and said no input. I tested the hdmi cabled i had been using with my laptop and had no issue displaying so it must be something with the xbox one. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. 



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When you tested the HDMI cable with your laptop, was it with your monitor? I'm inclined to think the latter is the culprit here.

yes i tested it with the monitor and it worked fine

its not an issue with the display or resolution because i cant even get it to show anything, and i've tried everything on the page that shows fixes for having the xbox on and no picture come through, i'm certain it is neither the monitor nor the HDMI cable that is causing the problem and the xbox was working on a different TV as of 2 days ago.

Plugged it in the right HDMI port?

There's HDMI In and HDMI Out - I got them mixed up when I first got my X1, and have done it on, at least, two occasions since.

OK wow i fixed the issue, upon inspecting the back of the xbox i found i had been plugging the HDMI cable into the HDMI cable input instead of the HDMI TV one. All good now thanks everyone

Great that you got it working. :)

Since this issue is resolved, I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread, Happy gaming!