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I haven't heard any news on a new Xbox One golf game since EA made an announcement last November. No word on their web site either. Has anyone heard any new news on a follow up to the discontinued TW series?


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Been following this game for a while , Release date said to be Spring of 2014. No other news on a more accurate date but check it out.

These are the forums.

The Golf Club looks far more interesting too me than anything from EA.  Don't get me wrong, EA are a good publisher, they've released some awesome game like the Battlefield series and now Titanfall.  

However when it comes to actually making games, their they kind of fall over, they seem happy with just releasing the same old dross over and over every year with little to no new features that takes a run of the mill football game to the next level.

Look at the Tiger Woods franchise, I played Tiger Woods 08 (think it was 08) and more recently 13, and apart from some fancier graphics, it was the same old thing, nothing innovative at all.  Now yes I realise their isn't much you can do to the physical game of golf, that part has to be the same.  However new features to the game, that's what I'm talking about.  

Like perhaps a more involved carrier mode where you starts as an out and out novice playing golf with your buddies on weekends at your local course.  Also why couldn't they actually fix the games problems, like the amazing cheating ability people had to hit the pin at a certain strength and the ball would slide down the pin and go in the hole (seen it done on 08 and again on 13)

Fingers crossed The Gold Club will force EA to bring their A game instead of just resting on their lorals and churn out the same old game year after year.

Powerstar is pretty fun.

^ Yeah, powerstar is a blast imo. Just turn off the players voices since it gets irritating after a while. Not a serious golf game but it is fun.

Yeah that seems to be a pattern lately. A game is announced and then nothing until just before release in a lot of cases... *looks at minecraft*

Either way, a good golfing game wouldn't go amiss.

I miss Links.


The very first thing I thought of when I saw this game was Link LS. I too miss those days.

@Cloud It was probably the best golf sim to date on the PC. The original Xbox iteration wasn't too bad either. It goes back to the early '80's


Ah thanks KLR. Never heard of it myself :/

I was happy when I heard there was a golf game comming for X1/PS4 but the studio who is making this game is the same one that made NBA Baller Beats for the 360 it was a Kinect game and shipped with a basketball.

You have to wonder why The Golf Club is not going to support Kinect with this title considering how great it is?

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