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Hey guys!

This has probably been posted around before, but I just wanted to voice my opinion!

If I'm honest, I haven't exactly been able to take advantage of the Games with Gold campaign on Xbox 360, most noticeably due to the game being rather outdated, especially in comparison to what is being offered on other platforms. With Xbox One, I really want to see Microsoft up their game, and I'm confident they will due to the feedback they've been receiving. 

For the first month they launch GwG on Xbox One, I'd like to see them offer perhaps one of their triple A first party launch titles (Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising) and a digital title, such as Halo SA, Max, or Peggle. I think this would be a good way of making sure people get at least one the games!

What are you guys hoping for Games with Gold on Xbox One?


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Free games are free games to be honest. I'm going to pay for my live whether I get them or not and for the most part of owning a 360 GWG was never a thing. If they offer I game I want to play, Ryse or Peggle perhaps then yeah I'll download and enjoy it, otherwise I'll just let it slide.

Over the many months that this will run there will be something for everyone but in all honesty, I'm happy as I am paying full price for the games I really want and trawling the bargain bins for the stuff I'd just like to try.

So just under four months later you should get a game myself and many others paid full price for?

Many others paid discount price for.

Games for gold is for xbox360, it is not for xbox one.

I'm happy with anything really....I appreciate the effort.  It would be cool if the games could be in the somewhat recent category..... but, I don't expect triple A titles.... give me some cool little arcade titles and I'm good.

Listed Games for Gold is coming to Xone.....this year

Yes, Games for Gold is coming to Xbox One.

I can understand that people do buy these games full price on release, as have I with many of them, but when the competition is giving out Tomb Raider under a year of release, and Microsoft are giving out Halo presents a bit of a problem.

With Listed on this discount on games coming soon maybe

I am fine with MS giving us older games free every month, maybe they could give a bunch of older games to choose from, and we can dl two per month? That would be cool.  

What I want MS to spend my xbl gold $$ on is keeping xbl a premiere service.  Secure, dependable and robust, server support for developers, cloud compute, and unique new content like the halo tv series and the quantum break live action stuff.  This is what sets xbl apart.  

They don't need to chase PS+ to keep me happy, and I don't think they should.  It costs a lot of money to give away new games free, I think that money would be better allocated elsewhere.

I have the feeling that it is going to be indie games of some sort to start with. I'm like Dynamic, free is free. Can't really grumble with that :)

The problem Microsoft currently has is that they cant afford to give us free games to the same quality (recent releases) the same as Sony does.  I mean I don't know how much Sony is paying these developers for their "free" games, but I bet its a lot.  

Many people can say that PSN is better than Xbox Live, but it isn't, it simply isn't.  I mean the PSN has been down for maintenance roughly once every month since the PS4 launched.  Microsoft knows how to do maintenance to Xbox Live without taking it down (clever heh)

For me I would much rather have older free games (truly free and not free until I stop paying) and still maintain the quality of Xbox Live than newer titles but potentially lose Xbox Lives quality.

Shaggy what makes you think Sony has money to throw around and MS doesn't?  Actually it's just the opposite.

Having said that, I'm no calling for MS to give away triple a current titles....I'm happy with whatever they put together

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