Xbox one gamercard signature

I don't know if this is the right place to ask so sorry if it isn't.

Basically I just wanted to ask if anyone knows a place we can get gamercard signatures for the different forums we use? I'm stuck still using 360 one but I'd like a X1 one so people on the forums I visit can see what I'm up to on my X1.

Anyone know any site? I tried looking on Google but can't see to find any.


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Not yet.

All the ones that say what you've been up to on the 360 draw from the information that updates your recently played gameslist beneath your avatar picture.

When they update it so our XBox ONE games are displayed then you'll be able to link them.

I guess Microsoft hasn't said when / if this will be done then?

I think the closest available is smartglass. I use it all the time for tracking info and such. Not ideal I know but hopefully they add it to the forum cards soon, or the functionality at least.

Really hope they do it sooner rather than later, I still have to use my 360 Gamercard too.