Xbox One FPS turn stutter controller or console?

I've had the Xbox One for about 3 months and its worked fine.

Now when I play FPS games the left stick moves me about fine and smooth but when I turn the vision of the character with the right stick it stutters in slow motion.

I thought it was the controller so I went a bought a new one but the problem remains.

Could this be a problem with the console?

Its strange that I can move forward, back, side to side and jump smoothly but am unable to turn... Thoughts?


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I know this may sound like the "book" response, its the only thing I can think of.

Perhaps you've got some kind of glitch in your game. Try uninstalling/re-installing and doing a hard re-boot of your system.

Having the second controller do the same makes me think its software related. Still possible that something is wrong inside the box???)


Thanks RipzKord, I will try this. The only reservation I have about this approach is that its not just one game that stutters its all of them. Is there a way to reinstall the Xbox One operating system - that could be the problem...