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Anyone else having problems lately with the streaming on the Fitness app?

The last couple of days, I've had workouts pause and then report I don't have sufficient bandwidth to continue. The first day I was able to continue eventually but the second day, it just refused to go more than a few seconds and even dumped me out altogether about 1/3 into a 30 minute workout.

The thing is, my bandwidth is just fine and SpeedTest and the XBox one network test show I have 30 mb/s down and 5 mb/s up with no latency. All the other Internet functions in our house are fine and it looks more like a fault at the other end - i.e. Microsoft's streaming servers.

Just curious if anyone else has recently run into problems with a fairly robust ISP? We have Comcast Performance package and it is generally very stable. Even rebooting my modem and router yesterday didn't fix this.

Also wondering if there are any other Xbox Fitness fans out there that want to be friends for the challenges etc? I work out about 5 times a week and am in the 36-45 age range. If so, feel free to send a friend request to my gamertag, PAFC. Thanks!


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Yeah I tried fitness the first week I got my console, tried the demo a couple of times but had the same bandwidth fault when trying the actual challenges, haven't tried it since unfortunately.

I tried it out for the first time last night. I have a direct FibreOP connection to my house with 170MBit down and 30MBit up and I was having the same issues as you. I had my XBOX ONE connected to my router via a switch originally and when I started getting the "insufficient bandwidth" errors, I took a CAT6 cable and plugged the XBOX ONE directly into the router. I was able to get through a few rounds of the Mossa Combat workout before it kicked me out again. The "30 min" workout ended up taking 50 mins.

Good to know.

I've been using Fitness since launch and had no problems until last week. I'll try and report it to MS and see if it can be fixed at their end.

I have had similar problems, with a 35 Mb download and 15 Mb upload speed, there should be no videos freezing, slow buffer pauses and most aggravatingly getting dumped to the xbox home screen while fitness completely reboots on the last 3 minutes of a record beating 35 min workout. I could have thrown the console through the window. I'm going to stick with it and just hope these flaws phase out through good QA and updates. Been doing lower impact workouts (10 min) to warm up then jumping int the MOSSA to burn. My gamertag is Diabolic 36, I'll add you.

I've been using it on/off since near launch and have been lucky to not have problems.  I have 50 Mb down 10 Mb up cable.

It has been better for me lately. It does still pause occasionally but seems a bit more stable.

They really need to store it locally.