Xbox One Fitness keeps freezing

Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone was having issues with this. Basically I can load up the fitness application and go to the library fine. The first time I selected a fitness program it worked fine, but since this it doesn't work. So as I was saying I go to the library and choose a fitness program. once I try to play it the next screen appears but it freezes. I have tried rebooting and conducting a hard reboot too. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this happen? Shame really as the fitness application works really well when it plays! thanks

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delete and reinstall it is my advice, the things brutal though lol.

well I did do one work out which nearly killed me so maybe a delete and reinstall might big loss if I have to delete I guess

Ye, I've been using Xbox Fitness and although the routines are tough, I'm going to stick with it.

freezes on me all the time in the middle of workouts. getting about 75mbps into the house so bandwidth isn't an issue. I will sometimes reboot the system by holding down the X on the front panel for a few seconds, then it works fine.

I've never had any freezes, and I use a few times every week. The only things I can think of would be whether there's a cache of some kind that can be cleared, or maybe you're trying to access the extra paid content (as opposed to all the free workouts that come with your Gold subscription) - except I would imagine an appropriate message would pop up, instead of freezing. Dunno.

The Xbox Support on Twitter is really good; maybe ask them? @XboxSupport

When I first got into fitness at launch I had the same issues. I put it down to my you view box being in my hdmi in slot. I had issues with sluggish responses from my you view box so disconnected it and I have not had a crash since.