Xbox one feed back more entertainment stuff then games

Just wanted to update xbox my personal experience with xbox one hoping they'll see some feedback here. I LOVE the multiple entertainment and gaming stuff. Hence why I choose xbox. So far my experience is more with tv and apps. Positives: system much quieter, a bluray player yea, enjoy the upload app and mainly got into this for Skype for family right in living room, multi tasking between games netflix other apps neat, kinect spot on recognizing me between brother and my own console (kindof creepy in a way but to get me access to gaming and my stuff great.) negatives: WAY TO SLOW DOWNLOADING GAMES AND UPDATES. PAINFUL!!! Even connected with Ethernet cable way to slow almost an hour to download peggle 2. I know they are bigger files but sorry I'm being extremely picky too slow. One of the things I couldn't stand with playstation3. Mainly got one for bluray and would have to update for an hour or more. I was shocked going from 360 to One how slow. But yes I see bigger files is this why? I guess I'll be forced to upgrade Internet but when it works before it is upsetting. The only cool thing is i can go right to tv while I'm waiting! Lack of games! I like shooters but i need fantasy stuff more like aliens involved! Once again being picky and this will change but I thought there would be way more arcade games to tide me over. I'm also having difficulty navigating type of games. I don't want to search all games sometimes just the arcade. Cable sometimes freezes but getting better. I MISS MY CHATPAD! I did download smartglass works great for messaging but for apps like youtube and netflix not integrated yet. Youtube has option to connect phone to xbox which works on and off but freezes many times. Not job of xbox specifically but just jotting things making the experience a bit frustrating. I always enjoyed watching new movie previews not the out on DVD but in theaters and can't seem to find it on this new dashboard. Just finding the dashboard still difficult. Netflix my list is not in alphabetic order driving me nuts and if I hit the continue watching cant back up previous episodes. I'm probably doing something wrong but just informing more difficult to navigate. Hence I've been telling friends to wait for a console until more games and kinks worked out better! I love xbox and enjoy all the things Microsoft is trying to do but please listen to our issues to make it better!!!!! Thank you!!! Ps a battery status bar would be nice too as others have mentioned! And Skype not as clear as advertise still very fuzzy but doable but way advertised a was misleading! Still like it though!

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Sorry meant to add this to a sticky thread on  what  to fix! Can I move this somehow?

Also WHERE IS HBO GO???!!!!!

Agree to Most of the mentioned Points what i really Miss is the Smooth Handlings with the 360 and why aren't the Apps from the 360 available for the One ...  The Stuff   available  yet is much  köstlich Crap where is e.g. really Bad Thing which still Sint working is working together with my tv  the Panasonic viera always gehts in standby while the One is starting up... Wehen i Bus a new console i Anna have all my old Stuff working and in Top the Stuff what Microsoft delivered is a pure new console with only a Minimum of things that Could be done if the third Parties Don t invest in Apps you have to do it yourself or just make them easily compatible with the 360. it.s sad but im still more playing with the 360 then with the One because there also a lack of my Favorite Game Series like gears of war and halo . Well speaking of Entertainment Stuff ... Just bought longmire Series First Season in SD Format but it always has terrible Quality while Streaming so i wont Buy anything on xbox Video in the Future because iTunes, and amazon just delivered it Way better, another thing There is no 3D Playback with the blu Ray player ... Why is that? I' m working for 22 years for One of the biggest Telecom

companies in the World and Boy if we would do such a Bad Job we would be out of Business in a Click. You just don't understand your customers Needs ...  I wonder if you did any market Research?  The only thing why i still didnt switched to Sony is because of my xbox live friendlist and the Hope to get a Halo experience like Never

before and a new Gears of War Part.

Phew, you could have used some paragraph's to make that long lost more bearable (j/k w/ ya).  Evolution take time.  Rome was not built in one year and neither was the Xbox 360.  Give the XB1 more time.  It has been almost 9 months  They are working hard.

Are You Kidding me? They put out a console where most of the stuff isn`t working as it works on 360.. they even could have learned from that. Another example i have actually at Hand.. Ever played titanfall? Me and my friends get even more often kicked out  of live Service the Longer we Play.. and what about Entertainment stuff. I bought Longmire in SD so i thought that the Quality should be likely DVD and what  i got is scrumbling on the Screen and if you go to Support you see the live Service for downloaded Content for XBox one isn`t Working now for weeks must i say . Just unacceptable. But thats not all for MS Mistakes this week i had even to roll back all the patches from my PC because MS put out faulty patches no inhouse Quality assurance there as well. Well since there is the new CEO the Quality dropped a thousand times.. under Balmer at least the patches were working.. I have a pc, a Laptop, a 360 and Xbox One.. i hope you MS Guys make it better within the next weeks or i really drop the whole stuff on ebay and Change completely to the Big A.

If you buy a SD its not HD you do know that. SD its even 720p.  Also *** about selling it and going some place else to game its going to make everything go your way. Spoiled kid.

There is a battery status bar. When you are on the home screen, hit the home button again and it will pop up on the bottom right.