Xbox One external storage support teased in new image

They're thinking its going to be in the next update.

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What size External HD are you going to get?

I was thinking a nice 2 TB drive should hold me for awhile.


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Old devices (phones and cameras) used to have maximum size memory cards you can use, is it the same with HD's? I mean will there be spec involved?

500 gb is plenty for me since I only install games. I uninstall them as soon as I'm done.

This is good news but it should have been like this years ago.


i haven't decided yet, i have a few 2TB drives that i'm not using, but they were for my file server and only 5400RPM, think i'll just hold off until i get closer to filling up my X1(still only at 32% or something like that), but really i'm still even sure how i want to do it, just a really big drive and leave it, or several big drives in a RAID, or just have several smaller drives and divide the games by genres... so many choices...

Hopefully I'll be able to use a 2.5" external drive that requires no additional power, in which case, I'll get a 1TB drive.

@ Zero,

Now that you bring up all of those options, I'm wondering if we'll be able to partition the drive?

Games in 1 partition, HD movies in another. Music in another.

1 TB is 1K in GB, right? So, a 2 TB drive is 4x the size of the current HDD in the Xbox One, right? In fact, it's probably larger since the system won't be taking up a portion of that space. I currently have 11 games on my brother's XB1 HDD right now and still have about 25% left. That's a lot of space for games! My mind is spinning just thinking about it...

How much do 2 TB HDDs cost nowadays?

I'm going with 4TB. The reason is if there's a limited amount of time to download the free games as part of gold then I don't want to lose any by needing to uninstall to make room for other games. I think that's how it works for the 360, not sure on the X1. Either way, they drives aren't that expensive.


They're about $100-$150 for a 2 TB

good question @bird125, i wonder how/if it sees multiple partitions, or i wonder if they can be routed through a USB hub? i hope E3 will answer these questions.

Well, they may not answer until you ask. ;)

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