Xbox One External Hard drive Performance.

I am going to be picking up an Xbox One (Finally) and wanted to get actual opinions from people that own the console and use this external hard drive (WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Backup). The 1TB console doesn't really do it for me as I know I will be filling that up quickly and might as well invest that money into an external drive.

IGN seems to recommend that one a lot and I really wanted to know how it performs. I try to search the forum but it timed out on me. So sorry if this has been discussed already.  

Also, if no one owns that particular drive and can comment on another one, that too would be greatly appreciated.


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I dont have the external drive that you mention but i do have 2 seagate drives 1 is a 3TB drive and the other is a 5TB drive, their both USB3.0 and both of them have performed brilliantly, they load the games up faster than the internal and their both powered externally not through the usb, i would deffo take a look at seagate drives, hope this helps!!

I also have the Seagate 4TB External Drive.

Mine also works fine.

However I am reliably told by people in the Industry that Western Digital make the best external drives.

Thanks Axioms and Azrael. I use Seagate drives for additional (internal) storage on my PC and WD for external and they have never done me wrong.  Unless I abused them.

But that answers my question about performance, I'll check out those drives too.


Mine is a seagate 5tb 7200rpm works real good

I have the WD Elements 1TB HDD.  I wanted the 5TB back then but was like $200 and didn't have the cash back then.

Awesome! 5TB would be perfect considering how much I spend on gaming in a given year. I went with the 1TB Halo MCC console (it's all they had left) so I've got a little more time to decide which external to get. Thanks for all the suggestions. Good to back on Xbox.