Xbox One External Drive Specs???

OK we have had two updates since day one but no news on external HDD options. I for one would like to plan ahead and buy some more storage so why cant MS finalise what is acceptable and convey this info to the masses???


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You are asking MS to announce something to the public? HAHAHA that's rich buddy. Just look at MS' track record. Every single update we have gotten so far has been announced less than 1 week before roll out. Trust me I would love some better communication from MS but they love not communicating to customers. Imagine how great the launch would have been if they had consulted with customers before launch? They are too proud to ask for customer input or help.

They have already said usb3 up to 3tb would be supported, but nothing since then.

Marc Whitten said on the day of march patch that he knew external hdd was a big thing for us and that they were working on it. The same article speculated that it might come in aprils patch.

I would think we have it before summer.

Rumour has it that this will be in the next update which is due for April.

I would wait...the extra time will likely give you a better price.

well i'll just go ahead and state this again...i'd rather them come up with the newer models of xbox ones with bigger 1 or 2 terabyte hdd's myself.  Sata II is faster then USB 3.0...would be nice to get sata III drives but i'd be happy with a 2 terabyte sata II drive instead of yet another device sitting next to my xbox one (external hdd) or a long usb 3.0 cable running to my av closet (which again would affect speeds).  My thoughts on internal vs external data...

I like external for the ability to take my games to my friends/family without having to lug the console....saves me from having to download games to play while away from the home console.

yes this is one the of the only 2 cases in my eyes where external is useful, that or backing it up to a drive and storing the drive in a "indestructible" safe/container.

The best option I think is to have replaceable internal drives and external support....wish MS would have taken that route.