XBOX ONE Extended Warranty

Sony is offering extended warranties for a very good price compared to Square Trade or a retailer like Best Buy (my purchase store).

Is Microsoft offering anything like this? If not, why? 


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maybe for the 360 and the original Kinect not the new ones because no one can register it yet

I wanted to know this too. I'd rather have a warranty from MS than one from Gamestop.

yeah I got the extended plan too. x1 and Kinect covered until feb 8th 2017

When I saw this,Ii thought maybe this reminds me of the old service contracts they once offered back for the original XBox, and I think at the beginning for XBox 360 as well. Not entirely sure if they're the same so I could be wrong.

its ok just figured out the service center is re-done looks good too. much better to read

Kind of crappy that you have to buy a kinect plan separate.

 'You should think long and hard before buying an extended warranty. You will be protected against technical faults developing at no extra cost for the period of the manufacturer's guarantee. And your household insurance may offer cover against any accidental damage. Moreover, your shopping rights under the Sale of Goods Act entitle you to claim redress for inherently defective goods for up to six years.'

This is the same quote on uk & eu directives on various trading law web sites.

UK & EUROPEAN legislation.  Sales of goods act 1979 and EU directive 1999/44/EU.

Microsoft refuse to extend warranty after 45 days, I concider this a pressure sale which is strongly frowned upon when reading through and the about legal EU & UK directives. Under no circumstances should a NEW UNTESTED device put on the shelves for public release be refused the statutory minimum 2 year UK warranty ALL consumers are entitled to, at least until the product has been on the market and deemed fit for purpose over the 1st 12 months. This issue needs to be addressed concidering the 360 console suffered countless issues within it's 1st year on the market. I have spent thousands on xboxs, games and additional hardware over the last decade. This level of service is unspeakable. Without decicated xbox fans like myself and countless others worldwide none of us or XBL employees would exsist. Samsung show the correct level of respect for purchasing their products. My tablet motherboard failed 22 months AFTER purchase with NO extended warranty. Samsung repaired for free. Need I say more.

Oops. I thought it was the xbox one waranty. Apparently I can't read.

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dont get me wrong it is. specially for a $400 system. i got the extended one for my slim as well and if they offer it ill get it for the ONE

@Borss39 wha year $24.99t are you talking about? buying a Kinect plan separate?


Look at the pricing.

It says console only. 1 year $24.99 2 year $49.99

Kinect only  1 year 24.99   2 years $29.99

I really hope that Microsoft have got it all right this time around. I'm sure they have learnt a lot of valuable lessons from the launch of the 360. In that respect, I'm going to trust them and not get an extended warranty.

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