Xbox One Extended Service Plan Fail

So i bought my XBO Feb 3rd and a week later tried to add the ESP to it from online but when id put my address in a white box would pop up and nothing would happen and it would not let me go past that point. so i left it alone to try again later. couple days go by and still the same white box. so i try to call and the woman said a few Microsoft servers are down and they should be back up soon and they can add the ESP later. so a week goes by and i try to add the ESP online again and the same problem i been having still comes up so i try and call again and i been on hold for over an hour and i find out that xbox was hacked or something so i was on hold for ever so i go on the Xbox chat and they can't add it that i have to call. so this is like week 4 or 5 i been trying to add it. well when i finally call back about 3 weeks ago the woman was like ohh well you're over 45 days so u cant add the ESP.. then i told her i been trying to add it for weeks and no luck and that i was never told about this 45 days  and she told me nothing she can do. so i go on the chat and talk to someone and told her my problem and she said he sees the chats and calls i made in for it and she cant add it but he will try to find someone to work around and have someone call me and take payment over the phone. well that was 2 weeks ago. is there anyone i can talk to or email about this because i been trying to get this ESP and there was always a problem stopping me from getting it. and when i go to the XBox online service center to look at my xbox one it still has this "Console repairs are available at no charge through the standard warranty expiration date of Feb 5, 2016. This device is eligible for an Extended Service Plan." but when i click on the buy ESP button nothing comes up. any help would be appreciated 


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