Xbox One Elite Controller Issues Anyone?

Anyone else get an elite controller and notice only one of the Pbuttons (P2 in my case) is loose. After reseating it it is not resolved. All other buttons are locked in nicely. It seems to be a plastic casing issue. 


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all of my paddles are secure, so is the plastic malformed?

I assume you are all reviewers? I thought the controller did not drop until 11/11

Came out on 27th or was supposed to didn't buy it yet

I have got a issue. Everything works great but I can not get the chat to work . I am using a official stereo headset, controller fully updated I can get game sound thru it but it just won't pick my voice up. the headset works on my other controller so it not the headset.

XBox can't get their standard controllers to work.

My Day 1 developed drift.  It's the only console I've ever owned where I have needed to purchase a replacement controller because one of the originals broke.

If they can't get the standard controller to work you'd be foolish to throw money at an 'advanced' one.

i got mine yesterday, everything works great i just need to get used to the paddles, it's taking me some time to adjust for sure but overall the controller is great IMO

Mine has a defective Right D-Pad, a side panel that doesn't sit correctly, and drift in the right stick.