Xbox one elite controller delay.


i don't know if I am in the correct area here so I apologise if am not. 

Has anyone else who ordered the controller had theirs delayed? I pre ordered mine from grainger games the day after it was announced (and before game had exclusive rights to the pre order) grainger said that the suppliers said they were going to honor the pre order still as ot was ordered and paid for before the game exclusivity. I'm not exactly happy about it as I was probably one of the first to order it and I still havent got it and I have 5 days off work starting from today and I'm not getting it till I'm back at work. :-(

does anyone know why it has been delayed? I also seen that some people are getting compensation of a £5 Xbox gift card. Is this also correct? 


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I ordered mine directly from MS and they only shipped it today ?  

It's pretty pants like. I mean you pay £119.99 for a controller and they can't deliver it on release date. No wonder Sony thrash them on sales. Don't get me wrong I sold my ps4 for an Xbox and never looked back. But I have got 5 days off work (the remainder of my holidays) and I'm not getting the controller until I got back to work :-/

Check out ebay nobody in uk has pre order available now or comes up out of stock,but the controller is shown on ebay with a Game store box for sale, available now but controllers release date is now 03/11/2015.

I contacted MS Chat they told me "they can't release to the public stock availability or release date", So who's selling them on ebay ???

They are telling you lies. My mate who had one pre ordered from game rang game up. They said they had 7 in stock but had other people names on. He was down to receive his on the 3rd Nov. If no one came by Fri he said come down really early and you can get one instead as some people haven't turned up for them.

What has annoyed me is mine is paid for. If I hadn't paid for it I would have bought a scuf out of spite by now as I was gonna buy one anyways haha.

It's been a massive failure on MS behalf. I have seen quite a few controllers on eBay also. I think people have bought them think it's going to make them a good player and you just can't pollish a t*rd haha.