Xbox One DVR and uploading more than 5 minutes...

Hi guys

I recorded some game play yesterday using the DVR functionality and it has recorded just over 8 minutes of footage. I initially thought it could only do up to 5 minutes as this has been the limit every other time I recorded footage but this one seems to be longer.

Basically, all the good stuff is in the last 4 minutes of the recording but when I try to edit or trim this within the upload studio it will only allow me to play with the first 5 minutes. It cuts off the last 3 - 4 minutes but when you watch the video within the DVR window it will play all 8 minutes of the recording.

Has anybody seen or experienced this before and if so can they share some knowledge in terms of how to get all the footage to edit?



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Does anybody have any ideas on this?

It appears to be a restriction of upload studio not allowing to reduce the size of a clip that exceeds 5 minutes before uploading.

Dont know. Hopefully they add some update where I can record more than 5min. I want to be able to record entire 4th quarter of NBA 2k.

Anybody know why this is?  I was wondering the same thing.  I have an 8 min clip, but on the first 5 minutes is showing in Upload Studio.

Yeah there should be an auto record for 4th qtrs of NBA 2K and any other sports game.

try to edit a multi clip and select the same clip if you need the footage.

Yeah that didn't work unless I was doing it wrong.  It only pulls in the first 5 mins no matter what.