Xbox One doesn't seem to block ANY pop ups.

I do a lot of online streaming of shows and while watching my shows EVERY SINGLE TIME I open up a new window or click on a link a pop up window is opened. Not once have I NOT had to close a pop up. I have the "Block pop ups" enabled in the settings. I don't understand. Anyone else notice this?


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are you using IE for streaming?  not youtube or Netflix... I am a bit confused...

Yes, I'm using IE, sorry, I meant to mention that.

I haven't used that app very much to run into pop ups but if you don't get much help here, it might be worth trying the support forums to see if there is any follow up assistance you can grab from there.

Thank you very much CloudStrife.

You are more than welcome buddy.

I've posted this in the support forums too, under Apps for Xbox One and haven't gotten any responses. Has no one else experienced this?

I have never been able to get shows to stream on the XBox ONE because the Internet Explorer doesn't support Flash or Java (the latter for the better really, all the viruses it would be veunerable to).

What are you streaming where buddy?

Yeah, I thought I was missing something so I went and tried. You can not stream video at all using Internet Explorer on the Xbox One.

I stream on Project-Free Tv, the only links that work are from and