Xbox One does not communicate with Dish DVR VIP722K

My Xbox one shows TV guide. But does not communicate with Dish DVR VIP722K to change channels or power on/off.

Everything else works.

Any help to fix the problem appreciated.


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Yup, I have the same problem. I've contacted Dish AND MS at least 3 times each, and neither of them knew what they were talking about or were able to help.

I'm with you. Except this morning it stopped showing TV all together. I have the same receiver. Haven't found any answers yet.

I'm experiencing the same issue with this receiver also.

Figured it out. Go to your DVR system settings(small button on front of DVR) and check which IR channel you are on. It needs to be on IR channel 1. To change it hold the SAT button for a couple of seconds until it blinks, then hit 1 and then #. The SAT button should blink and then hit record. That should do it. Also if your TV stops working altogether then completely shut off your Xbox and then turn it back on. Go to power settings in your Xbox settings and set it to energy saver mode. This will allow a full shutdown. Obviously its an issue that needs fixed but at least it helps for now.

Yep i found that at the same time -_- but you might have to hit record a few times for it to change on the box. I did at least.

I don't have that receiver but I do have a Dish receiver and the Kinect is controlling everything including on/off and channel changing.

Yes. Changing to 1 fixed my problem.

Xbox follows voice commands now.


I struggled with changing the IR frequency to 1 for an hour, but I finally got it to work, and now the voice commands sync up 100% .  if you double click the menu button on the remote to the dvr it should pull up system info.  the primary remote address needs to say 1 IR.  If it doesn't you need to hold the SAT button until all of the top bottons light up red. Immediately press 1, #, Record, Record, Record.  You have to press Record 3 times. This combination changes the remote and the DVR. the SAT button will blink 3 times and the remote address should change to 1.  If it is not on 1 you will need to change your remote back to the DVR's primary remote channel. if you have the system info screen still up, hold SAT until the lights turn red and hit (channel number), # to only change the remote back to controlling the DVR. Dish can walk you through how to change the remote address, but they don't know or understand anything about syncing the xbox one to their devices.