Xbox one disconnects my controller

Had Xbox since April this year had no problems until literally a month ago, I went back to play arkham knight and controller kept disconnecting. I changed the batteries for new ones still had same problem. Didn't bother me as I had completed the game already, but recently I purchased the new metal gear solid and have had the same problem. Controller struggles to keep connection and also has a mind of its own, which is really annoying when snake won't stop crawling into a group of soldiers. I purchased a play and charge, kind of worked but still disconnects when sub is unplugged and same issue with the analog stick. I then borrowed a spare off a friend but the same issues kept happening. Really annoying.... I'm hoping it's not my Xbox, if so what's the turn around on replacing a faulty Xbox? Because Fifa is out in next few weeks, I will be even more annoyed if I don't have an Xbox for that.

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I have had same issue a few times and quite a lot last night when playing Mad Max joy pad would disconnect and then I would have Re-log in the pad with my user account but not re-pair it with the console it's self so it's not a fault staying paired with the pad and console as such.

so it could be one of 2 things ?

1. someone close by using an device that interferes with the controllers wireless signal causing it to be lose connection ?

2. Xbox Live Game Issues causing me to re-log in the controller ?

I also wonder if wireless sniffers can cause an issues ?

there's been quite a lot of wireless router attacks which are simple to do if you know how,

for example :

There is software an attacker will use that keeps trying to force disconnect your wireless connection from your device to your router.

once the wireless connection between your device and router is lost and they try to reconnect, that's when the attack steels the network key, which attacker attempts to decrypted the password using GPU's (graphic cards) so the attacker can get the wireless network password and gain access.

I just wonder if these type of wireless network attack's would or can effect the Xbox One controller connection?

kind of like a side effect ?