Xbox one disadvantages, and money loss. Please get who needs to see this, to see it.

Dear Microsoft,

The Xbox one is more advanced with its capability to handle more graphically demanding games, Kinect command control, and New easy to operate dashboard. It has all of these things, but what it does not have is some of the newly released arcade games for Xbox 360, some new game releases for 360 did not launch for the one and finally exclusive free content. All of these things could be on one, and so the question is why?

The first problem is Arcade games for 360 not being released for one. A Yugioh arcade game was released for 360 that was not released for one. This game was not launched for one which is very unfair for one owners who wanted to purchase this game, considering that games for the one are released for 360. An example of this would be Titanfall, and this actual game with online multi-player that was released for not just one, but also for 360. There needs to be more equality in the systems, because it seems like the 360 is getting more attention than the one.

Another problem is 360 games not being available for one. A new south park game was released exclusively for 360, and not available for the one. This is unfair, including the example before Titanfall, but other games coming out for xbox one are supposed to be released for 360 as well. These games should be released for one exclusively, or the 360 games should be released for one. There needs to be more equality.

The last problem is the exclusive free content for 360. The content like the Hitman game released and many others are not available on one. Now regardless of me not having my 306 anymore I think xbox one owners should have access to these free games if they are a gold member. With the new technology in the one console I think it can handle older games, and yet these games are not available. However one games are being released on a system with less graphic power. This is ridiculous and not only is this unfair, but there is money being loss.

The arcade games, and regular games not being released for the one is a major loss of money. I'm sure that there are a lot of people on one that would like to own some the games not available to them, say there are at least 3,000 people who want the Yugioh arcade game that was not released for one. The game costs $9.99 this equals almost $30,000. This money may seem insignificant. Knowing that the gaming companies and Microsoft itself probably deals with more money than this daily, but its substantial if you take into account that the more games released arcade and regular the bigger the money loss rises. very easily are 10 releases into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In conclusion, the Xbox one is not treated as an equal with the 360, and it is not only unfair but it is causing a major money loss. So Microsoft should work harder to try and even out the treatment. Release games made for the 360 for one, arcade games included, and more updates to the user interface would be a start. The question is "How is the current treatment fair?" One users should have the same if not more benefits.

-please get this where it needs to be.


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Kbear, I understand your frustration I really do. Tropico 5 comes out for the 360 but not the One, which bothers me cause it's a fun mindless game I enjoy. But a lot of your complaints should be addressed to the developers/studio's of the game you want to see. Specifically on their website's forum if they have one. A lot of these companies don't want to port to 2 both systems since everyone is kind of in a transitional phase of learning the new dev kits for the Xbox One. Again, not here to blast you. Just get your word out in the right place.

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