Xbox One, Different Direction?

I know a lot of people are skipping Microsoft's product in favor of SONY's, but here are some things I think could help with the sales...

1. Have a model without the Kinect Version 2.

2. Have an update that allows you to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One with Online support for the Multiplayer games.

3. Allow Xbox One to be open to ALL Indie Developers who wish to put their game on Xbox Live.

4. More Original and Exclusive AAA Game Titles, also explore past IPs that were left in the dust like Brute Force and Tao Feng.

5. Have a STRONG push in the Asian and Japanese market.

These **** a few things I think could help.


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3 to 5 are already being done. 1 and 2 just no.

There won't be a console without Kinect any time soon because the console is so heavily focused on it.

You can't make a console backwards compatible 'just like that'. It takes a huge amount of work and expense which probably wouldn't pay off. Just keep your 360, it's not going to grow legs and run off if you buy an Xbox One.

I agree that pushing in to the Asian market would be good but the work required would again be huge. Sony and Nontendo dominate that market and their exclusives suit the Japanese market much more. Microsoft would have to invest millions to secure some games that will actually sell consoles in that region.

1. It would undo everything they've worked to do up to this point.

2. Not going to happen, as the games are not compatible.

3. Is it not?

4. Got plenty of exclusives coming up.

5. Why?

For me two things are most important, differentiate by the quality of exclusives and have all the non-gaming capabilities work and work well.  If Titanfall proves to be the hit that it is expected to be, the handwringing over numbers for multiplatform games will calm down.