Xbox One Default Headset Question

So, I have the default headset that comes with the xbox one. I really haven't put any use into it at all but I'd like to play Halo 5 online with my buddies.

When I connect to a party I can talk through my headset and they hear me. Unfortunately though the problem I am having is that I can not hear any voice through the speaker on my headset.

Alternatively I also tried sending an audio message to a friend. With my headset on I am able to add voice to a message but when I replay it I can not hear anything through my mic speaker. When I replay it with my mic unplugged I can hear voice through the TV.

I tried talking to a representative through the live chat. They brought me through a lot of network issues that they thought may be the problem. Nothing really worked but what I don't understand is if I am able to hear people through my TV with my mic off, I'm able to talk to people with my mic on, but I can not hear anything through my mic then why would it be a network problem?

What I have done: I've shut off the power from the Xbox for a minute, reset my router, checked to see that my NAT type is open, and the person I am communicating with has an open NAT type as well, reset the alternate mac address, ensured my controller was updated, ensured my privacy settings were correct...

It's worth noting that the microphone on the Kinect I bought stopped working about a year into purchase which means it was off warranty otherwise I'd simply use my Kinect for chat. I tried searching the Internet for people having similar issues but it seems there really isn't a lot out there on this topic.

To reiterate my headset's mic DOES work but the headset's speaker DOES NOT. I can however hear people through the TV with my mic unplugged from the controller.

Thank you.


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