You know after all the talk about how bad the dpad was on the xbox 360 controller that they will get it right this time around. Well I can tell you they STILL manage to **** up on this.

How the hell you still manage to do this bad. The whole point of  D Pad is to play fighting games and you flushed the D Pad inside the controller, you cant even do a half a circle move at all. This is just as bad as the xbox 360.

Cant even play killer instinct with the D Pad at all, I have been with xbox for 10+ years and I never  been so upset at how bad they did this. Now I have to look for a 3rd party controller or go buy the mad cat $200 arcade joy stick because you couldnt get that *** right in the first place.

By the way fire that guy who was with Major Nelson on that video talking about the controller because he done f*cked up it for alot of old school fighters.


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Careful posting your negative opinions about X1 on this forum! The MS fanboys are going to attack you and tell you to sell your console, switch to ps4, stop crying, etc. God forbid they see something negative about X1 ..

Yeah I agree with you about the Dpad

Personally I think the d-pad is fine for my style play. I'm not a fight combo fan though, so I can see the disappointment in the new style. The only thing I can say is get better with the sticks as a lot of people took to using the left stick years ago as it compared to an arcade machines stick better than a pad. You won't see a change in controllers from ms anytime soon. �� See fanboy not getting crazy. Try not to fuel the fire🔥

LoL at Listed mia 510. The dpad is fine because you don't use it - what illogical nonsense. You cannot use an analogue stick, it is too slow and  imprecise.

OP - They've actually had a random dpad since 2001 - the Xbox had a spastic one too.

I'm sad to learn Xbox One's is still broken. I don't play button-basher beat em ups, but writing on Xbox with the virtual keyboard and dpad has always been a noticeable problem.

I use Madcatz gamepads on 360 as their dpads are good and the triggers are less spring-loaded, which causes RSIs when using the official one.

Goatlips, please notice the time stamp on a thread before posting to make sure it's still relevant.

That being said, I have yet to see any design that works great 100% of the time regarding d-pads. They all have their positive and negative sides.

And so we are back on this topic. Simply put, it is likely they will release controllers in future which have better D-pad. Though how available and possible such is questionable. Still have my old gears of war controller from 360 which had the D-pad adjuster...

No problems here. Just check my upload for proof.

[quote user="Galactic Geek"]

please notice the time stamp on a thread before posting to make sure it's still relevant.


Ooh, someone wants to be a moderator ;-)

But a thread about the d-pad is as relevant today as it was months ago, and will still be relevant in years to come. A thread about "todays weather" from December would be irrelevant, but as long as the d-pad is the same, the age of this thread does not matter.

Lloydy, you're probably right, but I still think that Goat should've just created a new thread on the subject.

Its a dpad get over it.

LOL! True... :P