xbox one custom gamer pics

will i get banned for having a custom gamerpic instead of the ones i have to chose from? just seeing if its worth the risk or if there is no risk at all..


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I just love how Microsoft never replies to guys who politely ask permission to check about harmless workarounds before they take advantage of it. It would put the issue to rest once and for all if they did. I may be mistaken here but didn't they allow that way back in the early 360 days with a low resolution Webcam device. Now that you can't buy a wider array of GPs there is no reason to stonewall people when they could just have a Mod verify the pics before they get displayed on the profile. That way it could at least be an eventual process of changing the pic.

You wont get a reply as no one from Microsoft reads these forums.

Yes,you will get banned for using custom gamerpics on the xbox one unless it's one you made using your avatar or avatar props via your console.

On the 360 you could use the vision cam to make a custom pic but only your friends could see it.