Xbox One controlling over-the-air HDTV channels

My Setup: I have Verizon FIOS for internet but I don’t subscribe to cable TV. When I have some time to watch TV it is mostly PBS or local news channels through over-the-air HDTV transmissions. The coaxial HDTV antenna cable directly connects to my TV which has an HDTV tuner built in.

I believe that I am not alone and there are many more out there who watch TV through over the air HDTV transmissions. As you know Xbox One can control your cable box.

My Question: What is the best option to control my TV channels through Xbox One? I have heard that govt. requires cable companies to provide free local channels if there is a physical cable connection providing other services (e.g., internet in my case). Is that true? Is there an option where I can buy a tuner instead of renting a cable box from the cable companies, which can also be controlled by Xbox One?


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I do believe this is something that should be developed. Not everyone who owns an xbox one will also own an HDMI cable set top box. The more flexible that the system is the better.

I use the Homeworx 150PVR to do exactly this.  The xbox  has the box listed and it works with one guide.


I also use the Homeworx 150PVR, plug in a external hard drive and you have a DVR (record,pause) live tv.  It works really good, The Xbox works great with it. Purchased mine through

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