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I have two controllers both with a play and charge kit. One is charged and the other does not seem to charge. When I unplug the lead it does not turn on by the xbox button. My problem is when I'm playing NBA 2k14 fir two player it keeps on displaying controllers disconnected. Has anyone had this problem and do you think it's because of one of the controller won't charge

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Check the batteries, make sure the contacts are oriented properly and that the whole battery is seated all the way in....if that doesn't fix it, I would try that controller with AA batteries to find out if the controller is bad or the rechargeable battery is....

Well, if your batteries are dead & your charger doesn't work & your screen keeps telling you that the controller is unplugged, I think it goes without saying. ;)

Just tried it with two Aa batteries and It seems to work.  Was just hoping it was nothing to do with interference with the router which is near the Xbox one

The controller which won't charge was plugged in via the usb lead so had power which is Shen I was getting this connection messages