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I was wondering if you guys would make controllers that have some sort of color code or something because when I play splitscreen, I can't tell whose first player or second, it gets annoying fast..I was wondering if their would be a color "blue" or "green" to indicate whose first or second.. Please update or respond.


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Also to add to this, please fix the sign in thing with multiple players on the console because it gets frustrating how the second person gets first or use my account or not having a guest..

This should be in the feedback section.

It wouldnt matter any way as the kinect uses facial recognition to who is holding which pad so even if you pick up the wrong controller it can tell which one your using

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I'm fairly sure the way it works is whoever's stuff is showing on the home screen is player 1 in the game. For example, if your on the dashboard and your friend's home screen is showing you'd just say, "Xbox, Show my stuff" and you will become player 1. Also, there is facial recognition and IR L.E.D.s in the controller that allow Kinect to detect who is holding what controller so no matter what, you should be playing as the same person even if you set down the controller and then later come back and pick up the other controller. I'm not sure what you mean by a color code but that's basically how the controller works in relation to keeping track to who is who and which person is in control.

The facial recognition works really well, unfortunately I can't say the same thing about the voice commands.