Xbox One controller not working!

I was playing some games of Titanfall, eventually I decided to take a break to watch some Netflix. When I was about to start up Titanfall again it wouldn't allow me to start the game up. When I pressed "A" to boot up Titanfall it would show me the fullscreen picture of Titanfall then it would just send me back to the dashboard. Then I decided to restart the console to see if it would fix the problem. Now all of a sudden my controller stopped working. The home button would glow white meaning the controller is on but I pressing buttons and nothing is happening.

Before you post suggestions these are the steps I tried so far:

- Restarting the console

- Replace batteries

- Plug in a USB cord into the controller

-Held down the home button

Does anybody know what can and/or how to fix this problem? I bought this Xbox One last Tuesday. If you don't know how to fix the problem don't even bother posting because you'll be wasting my time and your time, it will also be considered as spam.


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unplug the console for 2 mins

Try re-syncing perhaps? Hold down the sync button and point it at Kinect.

^ Why aimed at the Kinect???   I thought the Kinect and controllers have no interaction with each other?


OP, as above, re-sync