Xbox One controller major issues

I have gone through 9 controllers in the 2 weeks I have owned my Xbox One and I now have to get yet another one, since this one only lasted 3 days before the left stick broke. This is ridiculous and extremely frustrating as well as a huge waste of time. I got them from several different stores and they all had issues.

I already had to send back 12 Xbox 360’s over the years, for having the Red light problem, until they updated the hardware and I thought they would have worked out their issues, but now it seems the controllers are junk. The 360 controllers never gave me any problems, except for expected wear and tear eventually breaking them down, over the years.

Half of the Xbox One controllers I returned because something was physically broken with it. A few I returned because of severe quality control issues, such as the left stick rubbing against plastic inside. I have seen more articles being written now starting to realize the problem and I have seen a fair amount of people posting about how many controllers they have had to replace and how horribly built they are, but unless someone actually has a few controllers in front of them to compare, they have no idea how great the controller is actually supposed to feel. Only 3 of them had triggers that felt how they should, the other ones would rattle the controller when pulled, even when they were turned off, would feel like they are hitting something hard, another one the trigger would pull back farther then it was supposed to, etc. Around 5 of them had bumpers that were great, but the others had one or more that were really mushy, I have had several ones where the pressure on the sticks where completely different than the other ones, many of them would rattle even if you just shook it in your hand, and most have more than one quality control problem. Since I have had so many to compare, including 5 at one point that I had next to each other, I can confirm that they are supposed to feel very solid, with great button and trigger and stick feel. But I have yet to find 1 that is put together properly.

I have tried calling Microsoft support several times, went through their chat, etc. and they aren’t any help at all, as well as they said they don’t even have an email for support where I can detail the problems. They keep saying I need to pay for shipping and could be without a controller for over a month, all this with only having the controller for 2 weeks.

Hopefully major sites can investigate the problem and write a story about it, as I am sure if they put all the controllers they have next to each other, they will see huge discrepancies between them.

All I want is 1 working controller put together properly, for now, until they fix their quality issues, or a third part controller comes out, when I can then buy more for when friends are over.

Alternatively, I am thinking of getting the device that lets me use an Xbox 360 controller with it, but you never know if an Xbox One update will prevent it from working, and the Xbox One controllers really feel better if they would only work.

Hopefully people will post this email on other sites as if enough people realize how wide spread this problem is, Microsoft might actually do something about it. Microsoft spent $100M on the Xbox One controller yet they don’t even make sure they are put together properly.


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9 controllers? That's some bad luck.

I have a Day One controller that is built nicely and has no problems with it. I also have a standard one that came in the plug and play kit. The standard one doesn't seem too good, the right side makes some terrible creaking sounds, and the Home button sticks a little.

I have to ask do you throw your controllers? Or are you extremely violent with them with playing. I only ask because 9 controllers is a little nuts.

Or he's just really nit-picky have 3; a day one, titanfall, and a regular backup, none have those issues that OP described. Either that its so minute that I dont notice it. And on a related note the batteries will "jiggle" in the controller if you shake it. Some people went to the extend to put a small piece of foam in the battery compartment.

9 controllers? Really? I cant see 9 controllers bought from different stores by the same person alk being defective. Some of the issues you describe are just you being a bit of a nit picker. But I do hope you find one that suits your needs

Am sorry mate but I think your the problem!

I've got 2 controllers and both are fine. I think you're looking for problems or being to violent to be getting through 9.

The USB port on my controller came loose or something. Now I have to position the charge cable in a certain way otherwise it won't stay charging.

My day 1 controller broke apart at the seam. Other than that all is ok with it.


My controller since December still works fine. You must not keep good care of your controllers.

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