Xbox One Controller Left analog stick too loose...

Why does it feel like the left stick is too lose? The right stick feels perfectly fine. Its not a huge problem, but it gets annoying. I'll play Battlefield and every single time I sprint or move the stick, it just doesn't feel comfortable. I have to press harder on the left stick than the right stick to do anything, using more effort which bothers me and throws off my aim and where I move. I'll play 2K14 and when I try to defend, I'll move completely the opposite way of the guy I'm guarding, leading to an easy, open basket. I've seen a lot people have the same problem when the console came out and I was wondering if anyone was feeling the same. The controller itself is great, but the left stick just irritates me and I'm on my second controller. I'm also considering ordering some KontrolFreeks to prepare for some Titanfall.  Wonder if they actually help with accuracy or if they're just a bunch of gimmicks. 


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